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New technology is leading the way for many hotels and hotel housekeeping is seeing many benefits. Consumers are deeply immersed into technology so there is no reason to think that a hotel stay shouldn’t give them a more exciting experience than what they are used to on a day to day basis. At the recent TecSec Summit at The Hotel Show Dubai 2015 hotel industry leaders were introduced to new technological innovations designed for or adapted to the hotel industry.

Some hotels are investing into their online social media strategies and updating their website to be more mobile friendly, but there are those that are investing into security systems that allow hotel guests to access areas and their rooms through a smartphone app, a fingerprint scan, or with face recognition software.

Guests are expected to soon be able to control their room’s temperature, fireplaces, lights, and entertainment through their smartphones which will allow them to customize the room to their tastes prior to arriving, but it also eliminates the bad germ reputation for the room’s remote control.


More efficient hotel housekeeping

The technology could also be used to better plan and execute hotel housekeeping tasks. Guests could use their smartphone app to alert that their room is available for cleaning. The software could immediately and efficiently lead hotel housekeeping staff to the next priority room to be cleaned.

Further technology expected to be adapted will be robotic cleaning machines that UV zap bacteria and viruses from the room in a manner of minutes which will provide comfort for guests that their room is in top shape and germ free.

Safety is becoming more of a priority for consumers and it is a top priority for hotels as well. With new technology adapted by hotels their management and security personnel could be alerted quickly to a non-registered guest in secure areas of the hotel or to people passing into staff only areas.

Experts suggest that such high level security systems could be used to confirm if guests are on location in the event of an emergency. It could also connect to government files and alert management to those on no-fly lists or previously banned guests.

Those hotels that adapt technology to make them more efficient plus the technology that enhances a customer’s stay will rise quickly to the top in a very competitive market.

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